(Potentially) Frequently Asked Questions

That record I downloaded doesn't work. Why?

The record files are very tightly compressed keyboard map captures. Therefore, if your computer calculates floating point operations in even a little bit different way, the difference will cumulate and may become so big that the record file won't be shown correctly in your computer.

Why isn't the time I sent in the highscore list?

If it isn't a topscore candidate, it should appear to the list as soon as it's received. If that isn't the case and you sent it through the game, please consider sending the ghost file of that level ("ghost/meriN.brc" in your private directory, with N corresponding to the number of the level, starting from zero), through the Add a record! link in the main page.

If it is a topscore candidate, it will appear to the page as soon as any of the admins has been able to confirm it's validity. Please be patient. If it takes more than a couple of days and your patience is ending, please give a friendly e-mail to MakeGho. :)

Is there an IRC channel for Bloboats?

Yes, there is #blobtrox on IRCnet. If you are on one in some other network, it would be nice to know about its existence.

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